We have had the odd worry about our credibility so I thought I ought to write something to introduce ourselves and give some confidence to you guys looking to book with us.
I am Chris Roughley, a wildlife enthusiast from the UK and a complete wildlife addict. Over the years I have been lucky enough to travel and see some of the most iconic animals on the planet, Blue Whales in Sri Lanka, Tigers in India, Great White Shark in South Africa. I also have a big passion for butterflies and have photographed all of the British official species and have a few more, (64 species of 59) but so far nothing has quite compared to seeing Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. I have tried, but nothing compares to that experience of spending time with an animal so close to us that we are equals, there is mutual respect and it is truly a spiritual experience. When I first went up there in 2008, a young man from the village of Bwindi helped me carry my bags, he was to become a huge part of my life and a great friend, Mr Phenny Mbabazi.
Even as a young man, I kinda knew he was special. He has so much compassion for his fellow man and I had no doubts at all about starting Expidite with him. It is the right thing to do. We have been in business for a short time but already his suggestions have been the likes of to plant a tree for every customer, with Miss Conservation, Uganda which offsets our travel, to provide all customers with information packs on arrival with t-shirts/souveniers which to be fair is exactly what I want to hear.
I want to assure everyone that books with us that we are not here to make a lot of money but to raise the standards of living of the people of Uganda and elsewhere in Africa. That is a real ambition of mine. Yes I do want to expand Expidite, but we are for real in this, book with us and you can guarantee that your money will be put to good use.

I would also like to say whether you are a birder, a herpetologist or a lepidopterist we have the contacts in Uganda to find what you would like to see, it is really important to us, and to me as a wildlife tourist myself, that you go home having had the best possible experience suited to you so please, if you love snakes or butterflies, please tell us and we will do our upmost to find these things for you.

With respect and Thanks

Chris and Phenny