Welcome to Expedite – Your Premier Indigenous Tour Company in Uganda.

About Us: At Expedite, we take pride in curating unforgettable safari experiences tailored to your preferences, whether you seek luxury, mid-range, or budget-friendly options. As a boutique agency, we excel in crafting personalized trips that reflect your unique desires and interests.

Why Choose Us? In a sea of tour companies, both local and international, why should you entrust your adventure to Expedite? Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Local Expertise: Our team comprises indigenous professionals with an intimate understanding of Uganda’s landscapes, culture, and wildlife. With roots deeply embedded in the region, we offer insider insights that enhance your journey.
  2. Family Heritage: Founder Mbabazi Phenny hails from Buhoma, the gateway to gorilla trekking. With a childhood spent amidst gorilla habitats, Phenny’s family legacy intertwines with the very essence of Uganda’s wildlife conservation efforts.
  3. Exclusive Experiences: Through our extensive local network, we unlock hidden gems and unique side trips that others may overlook. Whether it’s connecting with local communities or uncovering off-the-beaten-path attractions, we offer experiences beyond the ordinary.
  4. Tailored Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. From specialized guides to customized itineraries, we cater to your specific interests and preferences, ensuring a seamless and memorable journey at a budget-friendly price point.
  5. Holistic Approach: We believe in fostering enriching experiences that blend adventure with education and cultural immersion. By supporting local communities and implementing sustainable practices, we strive to leave a positive impact on the places we visit.

Join Expedite and Discover Uganda – The Pearl of Africa Embark on a transformative journey with Expedite and let us introduce you to the breathtaking beauty of Uganda. Whether it’s encountering majestic gorillas, traversing untamed landscapes, or immersing yourself in vibrant local cultures, we promise an experience that transcends expectations.

Travel with Expedite and embark on an adventure of a lifetime!