As an independent indigenous tour company in Uganda, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best possible safari experiences, whether it be luxury and high end, mid range or strict budget. As a boutique agency we are able to design your trip to your specifications.
This trip is all about you!
Uganda has multiple tour companies. Large and small, local and international. Who will give you the best experience?
Honestly, most can and will. But here you are at our web site….so! what sets us apart?
We are not only local professionals but we have an intimate knowledge of the land, food, culture and wildlife. Being a local company we do not need to follow constraints of corporate directives, nor carry the added costs that they require for their expenses in advertising and profits.
Company owner, Mbabazi Phenny, grew up in Buhoma, the trail head area for gorilla trekking. He saw gorillas as a child crossing local fields and knows of stories of the initial habitation of the families from his father, Medard.
Medard was one of the original habituators of local gorilla families and continues through his life to be involved with gorillas as guide and ranger. He has great stories to tell. Some of which you can read of in Thor Hanson’s book The Impenetrable Forest. (suggested reading for anyone interested in Uganda/Rwanda). What stories could he tell you ?
We offer some experiences and side trips that others may not offer through our deep local connections.
Our support staff are all among the best and we have to ability to deploy specific guides, drivers that specialise in your greatest areas of focus. Everything will be designed for YOU at a costly friendly price point.
We strive for a holistic approach so your experience is fun, adventurous and educational. You can feel positive about booking with us for give back to the communities we bring our clients to, whether it be by using community owned lodges, planting indigenous trees to off set our carbon footprint or through our associated NGO that distributes hoes and seeds to local people near the Bwindi forest to keep them on the land without need of accessing the forest for food and supplies.
We feel that these items set us apart from most.
Travel with Expedite ! and let us proudly introduce you to our beautiful home, Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.