7 Days Best of Uganda Safari

Gorilla Tracking

It is the presence of Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda that set these countries apart from other safari destinations, and it is the deep family connection to gorillas and their initial habitation to tourists that set Expedite apart from other tour companies. The founder of Expedite grew up in Buhoma, one of the main start of points for gorilla trekking. His father is one of the initial habituators of the first gorilla families and continued as a ranger and guide. He has some fantastic stories to tell! 

Gorilla permits in Uganda are 700$ and 1500$ in Rwanda. This allows you to spend 1 hour in their presence with trackers, guides, rangers and porters bringing you safely to their location in the forest. There is also the opportunity now to spend 4 hours with the habituators bringing new gorilla families into the groups that can be accessed to tourism.

Watching a gorilla family going about their life is an experience not soon forgotten. Looking into their eyes you see peace and serenity and every reason to love this glorious earth.

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